The Ag Science classes are designed to provide students with a definition of agriculture and its impact on the San Joaquin Valley.  It will also include career opportunities in Agriculture, plant science, and animal science. 

The classes are designed to be both challenging and academic.  Students will be expected to not only acquire knowledge, but also to organize, analyze, evaluate, predict, problem solve, and apply this knowledge.  The students will comprehend a variety of materials, demonstrate writing skills that convey ideas in written and visual form; speak with clarity, meaning, and confidence, exhibit creativity; use technology in research and accessing information; appreciate and respect individual and cultural differences; and demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively.  Fairmont will continue their cross-curricular projects and begin new ones.  All students, K through 8, will attend class at least once weekly in Room18, the new Ag Science Lab.  It has recently been remodeled and upgraded with state of the art microscopes and monitors.  There is a new Ag business area featuring computers with dual screens.  It is such an exciting time to have the students experience the hands on life and earth science standards associated with Agriculture.   Our next step is creating our farm lab with the purchase of the two acres next door.  Our vision is to have planter boxes, row crops, orchards, vineyard, farm animals, a greenhouse, and a shop. 



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